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Manual for the use of fully automatic asphalt mixing machine

2016-03-08 17:19:15   
Brief overview
BH-20 full automatic asphalt mixture mixing machine is suitable for the preparation of asphalt mixing material or cement - sand gravel mixture of the necessary mixing machine. Fully meet the requirements of JTJ052 - 2000 "highway engineering asphalt and asphalt mixture test procedures". At present, it has been widely used in the research, construction and supervision departments of the highway system.
Main features:
1 automatic temperature control, high precision temperature control (empty pot + 3), automatic control of mixing head up and down,
2 one key control, the instrument from the expected test can be fully automatic control.
3 electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance.
Main technical parameters:
1, mixing capacity: 10 liters (20 liters) two
2, heating pot temperature range: room temperature to 250 C (set)
3, temperature control accuracy: + 3
4, mixing time: 1 ~ 999 seconds (arbitrary set)
5, the stirring speed of Revolution: 48r/min rotation 76r/min
6, size: 1100X700X1200mm
7, weight: 200KG
8, power supply voltage: 220V
9, power: 3KW
10, ambient temperature: 5 ~ 40
11, environmental humidity: less than 85%
Structure and working principle
1 Structure schematic diagram: mainly consists of three parts: heating pot, mixer and lifting mechanism. Heating pot temperature range from room temperature to 250 degrees Celsius, and automatic temperature control. The agitator is composed of a mixing head, a motor and a stirring paddle.
2 work, impeller revolution and rotation in the pot, mixing the mixture. The mixing time is controlled by the controller, which can be arbitrarily set in the range of 1 ~ 999 seconds. The lifting mechanism is composed of a motor, a belt speed reducer and a lead screw, and is used for realizing the lifting of the agitator. When the charging or discharging, the agitator rises to the highest position; and when the stirring, the mixer is reduced to the lowest position.
3. The device controller by high-speed MCU and CMOS large scale integrated circuit design, contactless position limit mechanism, thyristor stepless pressure and temperature control, built-in Fuzzy Logic PID temperature control algorithm, and according to the heat transfer characteristics of a mixing pot for software optimization, precise temperature control.
Full automatic asphalt mixture mixing machine installation instructions
1 after the installation of unpacking machine. The mounting floor has a good foundation, away from the wall and near the fixture should be greater than 0.6 meters. Available anchor screw fixation, also do not have to foot screws. Installation of the machine on the basis of concrete, to maintain a smooth, no vibration can be.
Temperature control of heating pot
2 according to the work need to set the required temperature by the dial, and by the temperature control table control and display temperature. The machine's temperature control method is through break type, because of the thermal inertia reason, the display value on the temperature control table has the overshoot phenomenon, this is normal. Should be based on the preset temperature value. This part has a knob, indicating "work" and "stop" position. When the mixture need to control temperature, then the "job" position. When the temperature control is not required, such as the mixing of the cement mixture, the knob is placed in the "stop" position. The heater stops working.
Using method
1, according to the rules, the required time required by the preset key. When working, press the "start" button, a stirring motor starts to rotate, by mixing head driven impeller to revolve and rotation. After reaching the set time, the motor automatically stops. "Zero" before the next operation can be carried out. When an emergency situation, you can press the "reset" button, then the blender immediately stop working.
2, the rise and fall of the operator control panel in the right side, there is "up" "down" and "emergency stop" button. When the "up" or "down" button is pressed, the blender automatically rises to the highest or lowest position. In case of emergency, the agitator can press the "emergency stop" button in case of emergency, then the agitator stops moving immediately.
matters needing attention
1 check whether the installation of mixing blades is correct. Shake the handle to check whether the oil bath mixing pot lift is blocked.
2 check whether the temperature and time control instrument is accurate. Asphalt mixing machine by the work, press electrical control instrument on the power button, the power supply is switched on, then the power indicator lamp, if not bright should re connect the power.
3 setting the mixing time on the "time preset" dial. If the heat is needed to be heated, the heating temperature is set on the preset dial, and the "heating" button is pressed. Heating process, the heating indicator Ying Liang.
4 if the heat mixing, the mixing materials should be put into the oven, heating and insulation waiting for mixing. If the heat is not required to be mixed, only the "time preset" set the mixing time can be set. When the oil bath mixing pot to reach the set temperature, the mixing materials into the pot, the first into the solid material, then pour the liquid materials, mixing materials should not be too much, so as not to overflow outside the pot when mixing.
5. Rocking the rocking handle, the pot rose to a stirring blade materials that can touch, press "start" button, start indicator light, agitating blade to rotate, continue to be pot rose to the position of the upper limit, if the normal operation, the machine will set the mixing by the mixing. If there is an accident, should immediately press the "stop" button.
Operating procedures
1, the power supply is switched on, set the mixing temperature and mixing time;
2, press the power switch.
3, when reaching the set temperature, press the "rise" button, the mixing leaves. Pour the mixture into the mixing pot;
4, press the down button, stirring the leaves fall and then click the "start";
5, after the mixing press the "rise" button, the mixing leaves. Open positioning

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