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Instructions for use of Marshall electric hammer

2016-03-08 17:20:02   
Scope of application:
Marshall MDJ-IIA electric hammer real instrument applicable to standard hammer method asphalt mixed material specimen, for laboratory used to test of asphalt mixture of physical and mechanical properties, applicable to the Marshall test, indirect tensile test, such as the use of phi 152mm + 0.2mm x 115mm/ diameter of 101.6mm + 0.2mm x 63.5mm cylindrical test piece molding.
Main features:
1, automatic counting, automatic compaction, automatic shutdown.
2, with a hammer seat, and manual lift, you can easily lift the hammer.
3, semi automatic type die pressing device, take the mold more convenient.
4, one hammer will not fall off, not smashed, cracking.
Main technical index:
1, fall distance: (457 + 1.5) mm
2, compaction speed: 60 times / min + 5 / min.
3, the actual number of 0 - 99
4, hammer weight: 4536 + 5g
5. The diameter of the test die: 101.6mm
6, size: 700X500X1700mm
7, weight: 150KG
8, the power supply voltage: 380V
9, power: 750W
10, ambient temperature: 5 ~ 40
11, environmental humidity: less than 85%
Operation method
A. before each shot should be the actual pressure to the head, the inner wall of the test model and test mode base coating oil.
B. open the safety door, lift guide slide rod and hammer, with safety lever compaction pressure head lock.
C. according to the specification requirements will be mixing the asphalt mixture is put into test mode, the specimen mold push the steel platform test mold positioning pin, lock tight test mode.
D. filed a guide bar and a hammer, open the safety joystick, put down the compaction pressure head, close the safety door, press the start button compaction began, reaches a set number of automatic shutdown.
Common failures and exclusion
1, the work is not to mention the phenomenon of hammer or hammer in the process of lifting the hammer. Check that the drive chain is loose, such as loose adjustable back adjustment bolt Luo, hammer hammer real shrapnel is damaged, need to be replaced, pick hammer block and put the hammer key is worn too heavy.
2, the display on the digital display abnormal or not count. Check the wheel to upload switch is loose or close to the distance is too far.
3, after the power switch is switched on, the entire display screen does not display. Check whether the power supply is normal or distribution box after the fuse is blown.
4, in the process of lifting the hammer, along with the guide rod are brought together to take off. The chain is too loose, the guide rod is short of oil or dirt too much. Operation regulation of Marshall electric hammer
1, the first cabinet after the three plug connection. "Motor" to receive the cabinet motor input port, "close contact switch" to counter the socket. The "power" to the power socket, and the zero line must take good.
2, more than the work done, "to the" pull pull the encoder according to the required compaction times from 1 sets to 99 times. Turn on the power switch panel digital display "00" power display light.
3, press the start button controller starts to work, the light on, digital light display "00" motor rotation, provided hammer compaction, per hit a digital tube and a number, reaches a set strike after motor stop status, lights out.
4, press the pause button, the work is stopped, the status of the instructions out, press the start button again, work to return to normal, work in case of abnormal conditions can press the pause button, the number of times the number of times the number of times. After an experiment, press the reset button, then press the start button.
matters needing attention
1 counter to count the positive count.
2 the next time you should press the reset button, and then press the start button.
3 when the utility model is being carried out, the stopping button can be pressed when the machine is in trouble.
4 should regularly check the chain tension, if its deflection is greater than 10mm should be adjusted.
The 5 are not equipped with the mixture, and may not start compactor, when not in test mode or cotton pad of confetti.
6 regular chain, hammer sliding part lubrication.
7 after the end of each shot, should be the test mode, hit the real pressure head, steel platform for cleaning and processing.
8 regular inspection of the steel plate platform and the tension of the concrete base.

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