· Main hazards of asphalt [2016-03-08 ]
Asphalt is a kind of brown and black organic compound material, which includes four kinds of natural asphalt, asphalt, shale tar and coal tar pitch. The main components are asphaltene and resin, followed by a high boiling poin... [READ]
· The main characteristics of asphalt [2016-03-08 ]
The viscosity of asphalt is very large, but it has the fluidity. In April 2014, the world continued to experiment the longest finally results, but look forward to witness the experiment for more than 50 years of Australian ph... [READ]
· Technical index of asphalt [2016-03-08 ]
density The quality of asphalt specimen under the specified temperature per unit volume of t/ meter. relative density Ratio of asphalt quality to the same volume of water quality at specified temperature. Penetration In the specified... [READ]
· Classification of asphalt [2016-03-08 ]
Asphalt can be divided into coal tar, asphalt and natural asphalt three: Coal tar pitch Coal tar is a byproduct of coking, namely tar distillation residue after distillation kettle in black substance. It is the physical propertie... [READ]
· History of asphalt [2016-03-08 ]
Classical period Archaeological studies have found that early in the early 1200 classical period, people have begun to use natural asphalt, in the production of weapons and tools with asphalt as an ornament, to add color to the... [READ]
· Broad prospects for the industry [2016-03-08 ]
Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has maintained a rapid growth, the highway traffic construction is developing by leaps and bounds, our country road asphalt production enterprise has also been rapid development... [READ]
· Analysis of asphalt industry [2016-03-08 ]
In 2013, the domestic asphalt production was at an increase of tons, an increase of 9.71%. Relative to domestic asphalt, the high price of imported asphalt, and thus boost domestic asphalt demand, driven by domestic asphalt pro... [READ]
· Structure of asphalt [2016-03-08 ]
In recent years, the most commonly used method is the way l W. Cole Bert will be a separation of asphalt into saturates, aromatics, colloid and asphaltene fractions. There is a certain regularity between the content of the co... [READ]
· asphalt [2016-03-08 ]
Asphalt is composed of different molecular weight hydrocarbons and non metal derivatives of dark brown complex mixtures, is a kind of organic high viscosity liquid, a liquid surface is black, soluble in carbon disulfide. Asphalt... [READ]

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