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Test equipment industry needs to break through the four major bottlenecks

2016-03-08 17:13:01   
Not long ago, the China Institute of testing instruments and China Association of analytical testing by the relevant state departments of the Commission, the industry of China's testing instruments to carry out research work. According to the survey, China's existing various types of testing equipment more than 6000 enterprises, has formed a variety of categories are relatively complete, with a certain technical basis and production scale of the industrial system. But at the same time, industry experts also pointed out that although China's test equipment industry has a certain development, but it is far from meeting the growing needs of the national economy in all walks of life. The vast majority of its products belong to the middle and low level of technology, and reliability, stability and other key indicators have not yet fully meet the requirements. High grade, large equipment almost all rely on imports, while foreign companies also occupy the domestic mid-range products and many of the key parts of the market more than 60% of the share. According to customs statistics, the removal of the test equipment caused by complete sets of engineering projects, the total amount of imports of various types of test equipment every year close to the total output value of China's test equipment industry 50%. In addition, more than 6000 enterprises, the annual sales income of more than 10 million yuan less than 1000, the whole industry economic efficiency is low.
According to the analysis, the "bottleneck" restricting the development of the testing instrument industry in our country is mainly focused on the following four aspects:
The slow progress of science and technology innovation and industrialization
The test instrument industry of our country in science and technology innovation and industrialization with the international trend compared to slow too much, the situation is very serious. In has entered the 21st century today, the general level of test instrument in our country still stays in the international level at the beginning of the eighties of the 20th century; large and high-grade equipment almost entirely dependent on imports; many are in urgent need of special instrument is still blank; middle and low product assurance quality and there are many difficulties to overcome... The slow progress of science and technology innovation and industrialization, is a bottleneck restricting the development of China's instrument industry".
The main factors restricting China's slow test instrument industry technology innovation and industrialization progress of the:
First, the serious shortage of scientific research funding. International famous test instruments for innovation and technology development funds are generally more than 10% of the annual sales, and test instrument enterprises in our country not only sales are not high for innovation and technology development funds generally does not exceed 3% of the annual sales amount, compared with enterprise scientific research funds investment pitiful.
Second, the lack of talent and a large number of loss to become a test instrument industry, science and technology innovation and industrialization of the serious obstacles, especially the state-owned enterprises.
Third, the lack of official, production, learning, research, gold, with the effective combination. Past, only advocate the combination and successful example is very small, there is no official and the financial sector and user intervention, referred to here as the financial sector can also be an enterprise or private capital, under the test instrument enterprises in our country is faced with at present situation to succeeded in achieving industrialization is extremely difficult.
Product stability and reliability issues outstanding
Our production of various types of testing equipment main products, including industrial automation instrument and system, communication equipment and so on, although the technical indexes with similar foreign products compared gap is not great, but the stability and reliability issues but not for a long time to fundamentally solve, become a serious obstacle of our country testing instrument industry development constraints.
The reason: first, the long-term neglect of the basic technology research and development; two is the quality of domestic products and parts of the foundation; three is the quality control and management of products. Product quality, speed up the testing instrument industry development can only be empty talk.

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