· Installation and maintenance of universal material testing machine [2016-03-08 ]
1, installation The universal material testing machine is installed in a clean, dry and uniform temperature inside the house at the same time, we should consider the possibility of on the machine for a long long beam bending t... [READ]
· Instructions for use of Marshall electric hammer [2016-03-08 ]
Scope of application: Marshall MDJ-IIA electric hammer real instrument applicable to standard hammer method asphalt mixed material specimen, for laboratory used to test of asphalt mixture of physical and mechanical properties, applic... [READ]
· Manual for the use of fully automatic asphalt mixing machine [2016-03-08 ]
Brief overview BH-20 full automatic asphalt mixture mixing machine is suitable for the preparation of asphalt mixing material or cement - sand gravel mixture of the necessary mixing machine. Fully meet the requirements of JTJ052 ... [READ]
· Far infrared asphalt temperature measuring instrument (asphalt test instrument) [2016-03-08 ]
Far infrared thermometer (asphalt asphalt tester) A variety of (domestic and imported) far infrared asphalt thermometer is near to manipulate science and technology, the unity laser technology, rapid detection of objects timely surf... [READ]
· Muddy bending testing machine (asphalt asphalt test instrument) overview and tec [2016-03-08 ]
Muddy bending testing machine (asphalt asphalt test instrument overview) The body is suitable for determination of hot mix asphalt with muddy material mechanical properties of damaged bending in the designated temperature and loadin... [READ]
· The main features and technical indexes of (asphalt test instrument) [2016-03-08 ]
Main features: 1, semi automatic die assembly, take the mold more convenient. 2, with a hammer seat, and manual lift, you can easily lift the hammer. 3, small Marshall test mode and the eve of the Marshall test mode can be co... [READ]
· New standard of test equipment for concrete mixing station [2016-03-08 ]
All instruments based on standard 1, "standard test method for mechanical properties of ordinary concrete" GB/T50081-2002 Commercial concrete mixing station test equipment Number name unit number of the number of units Cement instrumen... [READ]
· Discussion on the 7 use of the test equipment of the commercial concrete mixing [2016-03-08 ]
Commercial concrete mixing station test apparatus using hydraulic loading, electronic force measuring; with digital display of test force and the loading speed and keep the maximum test force. The machine can also configure the c... [READ]
· Test equipment industry needs to break through the four major bottlenecks [2016-03-08 ]
Not long ago, the China Institute of testing instruments and China Association of analytical testing by the relevant state departments of the Commission, the industry of China's testing instruments to carry out research work.... [READ]

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