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Installation and maintenance of universal material testing machine

2016-03-08 17:20:48   
1, installation
The universal material testing machine is installed in a clean, dry and uniform temperature inside the house at the same time, we should consider the possibility of on the machine for a long long beam bending test and the possibility using mirror extensometer test, so around in the testing machine should be set aside enough spare area.
Universal material testing machine body and a dynamometer installed don't need special foundation, only according to the foundation drawing prepare general foundation and leave holes of anchor bolts pouring solid can.
Find universal material testing machine body level, level instrument is put in the outer circle of the cylinder according to the frame of vertical and horizontal two position and the horizontal direction to find good level, with a precision in the horizontal instrument 0.10/1000 mm find + 1 case, not usually at the lower part of the base and iron pad to adjust. The dynamometer top two holes on the Yibei again when installing the steel wire rope wear.
Dynamometer level is very important, find the level of the pendulum bar on the left side and standard wiring reticle alignment the real, then bend ruler on placed on a large surface of the upper lever with the level of appearance 0.1/1000 mm put on the curve ruler find + 2 squares. When not in the base of the bottom of the iron, and must be placed on the pendulum and not hanging thallium is a pointer to the positive zero does not move.
The dynamometer iron gate above open check line of small hammer line is wound on the pointer coaxial pinion groove, thread length should be appropriate, not too long or too short, the limit for the longest cannot touch the evacuation remember diaphragm and the shortest for small gear to rotate a week aging hammer will not run into a small gear.
2, universal material testing machine to take over:
In the installation of pipe communicated with dynamometer subject should first wash with diesel oil, do not make any contaminants in the tube, in order to ensure the oil clean.
Should pay attention to gasket is complete, if not complete shall be supplied with this new washer machine installed to prevent oil leakage at high pressure.
3, oil specifications selection introduction
High quality medium viscosity mineral oil should be used in hydraulic transmission. In the oil or water, acid and other mixture, in the ordinary temperature should not decompose, the constant thick, and before filling in the machine, the oil must be filtered. Due to improper use of oil, will cause the valve and the oil circuit blockage and the machine has the potential to produce vibration, which will affect the normal operation of the test machine. Reference specification for oil:
Specific gravity: 0.86 - 0.97
Freezing point: -15 to -20
According to the actual situation can also be used in domestic 50 - 30 oil
4, filling and oil
Opened Dynamometer on the left side of the iron gate, you can see the wire mesh filter, when filling oil is through the oil filter injection tank, once poured into the oil volume of about 28 liters, to tank outside the top loading design of the oil level indicator for quasi, used oil specifications can see oil specifications selection is introduced.
Open before starting test machine, must from the fuel tank to the middle of pump pipeline installed cocks, cocks reticle and Guan Zicheng line, said between the oil tank and the oil pump oil flow, such as orthogonal reticles and pipe, said the closure.
When you put the oil dynamometer at the bottom left of the nozzle can be opened, on oil's use of the term according to the local climate, such as the discovery of oil began to mix foul cannot use should be replaced with new oil, want to wipe the bottom of the tank or things fall out put net oil and unloading dynamometer at the bottom left of the circular cover can be, after must be good.
5, electricity
Electrical installations of universal material testing machine is equipped with in the dynamometer and a magnetic starter button can be used to manipulate and small transformer, power input is 380 volts, the output voltage is 6 volts, and on an ergometer front right above a 6.3 volt small lights a.
Universal testing machine factory power supply wiring is 380V, magnetic starter coil is 380 volts, attracted from the power supply wire, through the dynamometer before cover receives on the wiring board. All wiring can refer to the instructions attached to the electrical wiring, connect the power and open the path of oil tank and the oil pump bolt, other inspection departments after, ergometer Table button to start, trial operation of the pump motor, observe the direction of rotation of the flywheel is consistent with the direction of the arrow head of flywheel, such as does not conform to should change the power joint so that the same, to operate under the jaw seat lifting motor, check jaw base lifting movements is shown on the button text and line, to check a super and super load button is combined.
6, lubrication
Gland of the top of the base body is provided with filling hole and through the injection hole to lubricate the nut, lower jaw seat lifting screw thread, according to the usage should be regular lubrication to avoid wear and tear hindered rotation.
After the main body is installed, the base is provided with a hole of the oil needle, and the oil is injected into the oil tank by a funnel, and the oil is injected into the oil tank by 30 millimeters.
Dynamometer in at the two ends of the main shaft ball bearing, usually are not allowed to try to lubrication, so as to avoid falling of the sensitivity of the sludge hinder precise mechanism, if it is to use a longer life must remove the internal available kerosene wash into very small amount of high quality lubricating oil, but enough to prevent the corrosion, installed after a standard dynamometer re calibration.
Pump without a screw block. After installation, beginning with the unscrew it. To the internal pump injected a large number of oil, after such as internal oil because of prolonged use bad, the screw under the pump plugging twist open, re poured into, if the machines are often used with about once a month for a time.
7, the initial operation and commissioning of the oil pump
Dynamometer mesa press the button you can start and stop the pump rotation, when the universal material testing machine installed after first operation or changes in the joints of the electric wires

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