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Main hazards of asphalt

2016-03-08 17:07:00   
Asphalt is a kind of brown and black organic compound material, which includes four kinds of natural asphalt, asphalt, shale tar and coal tar pitch. The main components are asphaltene and resin, followed by a high boiling point mineral oil and a small amount of oxygen, sulfur and chlorine compounds. Luster, liquid, semi solid or solid state, low temperature, high quality, good adhesion and corrosion resistance. If the clothes are not carefully stained with asphalt, dilute sodium hydroxide can be used to clean.
The greatest harm to coal tar pitch is four kinds of asphalt. To discharge a large amount of bitumen fume in the manufacture of electrode baking furnace. Because of the fluorescent material in the asphalt
Asphalt original state
Asphalt original state
Matter, which contains the carcinogen benzopyrene 3, 4 up to 2.5% to 3.5%, the high temperature treatment together with flue gas volatilization. Pitch smoke is yellow gas, in which the test tar fine mist. The determination of asphalt flue gas discharged from the furnace electrode baking torsion containing 3, 4 cubic meters of BaP for 1.3 - 2mg/.
Asphalt smoke and dust can be caused by respiratory and skin pollution caused by poisoning, dermatitis, blurred vision, eye conjunctivitis, chest tightness, abdominal disease, heart palpitations, headache and other symptoms. The scientific experiments, asphalt and asphalt smoke contains 3, 4 - benzopyrene is a major cause of skin cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer and esophageal cancer.
Living in polluted air by asphalt, easily lead to decreased immunity.
Main components of asphalt and the flue gas with phenols, compound, anthracene, naphthalene, pyridine on skin and mucous membrane irritation, coated with 30% of the coal tar pitch toluene solution coated skin 3 times, local after inflammation showed hyperkeratosis over and chapped.
The asphalt and its contained in the light of the chemical, such as the. Photochemical reaction of asphalt caused by photochemical reaction of asphalt under aerobic conditions, reflecting the generation of free radicals, peroxide induced cell damage, it is a non immune diseases.
Animal reproduction of asphalt. In our country, we can see that the asphalt can lead to skin cancer. Much of the phosphorus like epithelial cancer, a small number of. It is generally believed that the most carcinogenic and natural bitumen is not carcinogenic, and there is no consensus on the carcinogenic potential of petroleum asphalt.
Coal tar pitch coated skin effect on animal body weight growth than petroleum asphalt is obvious, and coal tar pitch Tucha skin and than the smoke inhalation harm to animals is large. That coal tar pitch has systemic effects on the animal, the degree of the effect and absorption pathway.
Skin lesion
1 solar dermatitis is often in contact with the asphalt dust or smoke, and exposure to the sun after the onset.
Workers laying asphalt road
After the sun a few minutes to 1-2D (most of the number of hours) can be onset. Limited to the face, neck lesions and other exposed parts, especially in eyelid and zygomatic cheek. Lesions were sunburn type showed clear boundaries of fresh red erythema, often accompanied by edema, serious when appear vesicles, bullae and erosions, exudate. Lesions in the 2D peak, generally contact 3-5d quickly faded, local accompanied by mild branny scaly, often secondary to temporary mild pigment calm. The individual consciousness of burning, mild itching.
2 melanosis of the disease often symmetrical distribution in the face and neck exposed parts, also affect the forearm. Especially good hair in the eyes, the temple, the forehead hair and the hair in all corners, nose and mouth and mouth. The lesions are more patchy, darker color, Brown - Brown - brown and black, sometimes with a red brown or lilac. Its size, shape is different, the edge of the majority of fuzzy. Pigmentation of the forearm is often the pores as the center, involved in the pores of mild keratin; sometimes pale brown with gray purple pigmentation spots and normal skin and white, mixed into a cloud. The incidence of glaucoma often have a history of recurrent Lek toxic dermatitis, and often accompanied by acne asphalt. The disease is a chronic process. The sun makes the condition worse. Out of touch is expected to improve, but to heal.
3 acne acne caused by asphalt occupation mainly broken as blackheads, hair and folliculitis Qiu diagnosis. The disease is in direct contact with
Parts, such as the face, the back, the back of the hand and the forearm, but also often spread to the site of the asphalt contaminated underwear, such as the thigh extension, and occasionally in the trunk. Blackhead black spots enlarged pores, often with small white under the induration. Bitumen due to the general than the chloride caused by coarse coarse, the distribution is also scattered in some, mainly located in the face, especially the temporal, eyebrow, nose, the nose and the ear can also be affected by. Folliculitis red papules on the follicular papules, top have yellowish white pustules, serious evolution boil, induration, left scar; often scattered in distribution on the face and forearms. Vellus hair breakage and common coarse and partial pore expansion, and slight keratinization, mainly distributed in the first section refers to the back and forearm extensor surface. The incidence of this disease is not restricted by age. The absence of symptoms, sometimes with dryness, folliculitis, furuncle appear when there is pain.
4 verrucous vegetations occur in the back of the hand, wrist and face, also can affect the scrotum etc.. Similar to the flat wart, the surface of skin color - light brown - brown flat
The size of the needle, needle, or green, round or irregular, rough or smooth, clear and clear. Scattered or dense distribution.
No symptoms or slight itching. The general length is longer, the higher the incidence of skin lesions, the more. Verrucous vegetations spontaneously. May evolve into skin cancer.
5 burn by splash, fell and other accidents caused by. High fever of liquid asphalt on the skin caused by heat burns. Clinical manifestations are similar to general thermal burns. Skin surface can be covered with black asphalt, and the wound tightly adhere to, not easy to clear.
Symptoms of eye, nose and throat
Asphalt dust

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