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Far infrared asphalt temperature measuring instrument (asphalt test instrument)

2016-03-08 17:18:31   
Far infrared thermometer (asphalt asphalt tester)
A variety of (domestic and imported) far infrared asphalt thermometer is near to manipulate science and technology, the unity laser technology, rapid detection of objects timely surface temperature. Far infrared thermometer is an ideal instrument for measurement of temperature. The instrument is portable, small size, easy to operate! Can measure the temperature range from -50 to 538 DEG c.. The 9 volt battery operated by it can be continuously for 100 hours. Its automatic shutdown function to save electricity. Far infrared thermometer with the help of laser radiation, to help determine the scale of measurement.
The liquid crystal display: clear, level and low power consumption with luminous lamp. The operator does not need the instrument with the measured object arms, also do not need to calibrate the scale. The instrument operation is handy, with four buttons, the operator can choose to switch on / off the LCD backlight, laser beam and Celsius and fahrenheit. The optical resolution instrument was 8:1 (i.e. policy distance diameter ratio). The radiation rate is a stable value of 0.95

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